Ginny Auer

My Story

I’m on a mission to save the world one story at a time and I know YOUR story can change the world for good!

You and I both know that your story could create positive change if only people heard about what you are doing.

But it is hard to save the world and hold a camera at the same time.

That is why you need me, the storytelling champion of your dreams!

I am a writer, director, producer and consultant ready to help YOU move from best kept secret to world famous super hero!

You may be saying “not so fast Ginny! What qualifies YOU to tell MY story?”

I spent these last 10 years working in every storytelling capacity available to me. I have published essays nationally, worked on national commercials, tv productions and films, and narrated audiobooks.

As a non-profit leader for the previous 20 years, I got up each morning, cape flapping in the wind as I flew off to another day of world saving work.

That’s when I realized it’s hard to save the world and hold up the camera at the same time.

In 2011, MY story changed dramatically when my husband died from a rare form of cancer. Several months after his death I found a letter he left me. He signed it “Live Huge, Troy.”

Live Huge became my mantra.  For me, it meant to follow my dreams fearlessly because we don’t know how many days we get. 

I became the hero of my own story.  

I set off on a journey to tell empowering stories through any medium I could, encouraging people to use their voices confidently in favor of meaningful causes.

So now, I want to shine the light on the good works being done by you and your organization!

Once you sign on I’ll take you through a 5 step process to becoming the hero of your own story and building a mission focused following.

  1. Discovery: Together we will discover the super powers you and your organization possess and determine who you want to take on your journey with you.
  2. Framing: We will frame up the picture for your story so we focus on connecting with your specific audience.
  3. Lights! Camera! Action! 
  4. Tracking: We will follow up every step of the way to make sure the story is hitting its targets for maximum world changing impact.
  5. Refining: And we will refine the message along the way to scale each new wall and slay each new dragon along the way.

If you’d like to get started just email me by clicking on the button below:

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